Why Isn’t Solar Power Used More?

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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There is a learning curve that humanity is currently going through in developing technologies, and our knowledge of Earth’s sustainable resources will be crucial in becoming a sustainable resident of Earth.

For example, as we began heating our homes and building items that made carrying heavier objects easier, there was a point at which fire gets applied to every science experiment.

The first mode of ‘motor transportation’ was the steam engine which used burning fuel to heat water into its gas form, steam that turns a generator and thus creates energy, or power.

Industrial-age fuels were coal and fossil fuels because they worked and became a resource to control once they became profitable.

Sun setting behind big solar panels - Why Isn’t Solar Power Used More?

What is the Biggest Problem with Solar Energy?

As we advance as a human collective, we will shift to renewable and more sustainable practices. The key will be to use those resources wisely, especially if we intend to migrate to other planets.

The biggest issue with solar energy is that half of the day is without power producing light from the sun. This makes it almost energy inefficient, but with advances in technology, there is a possibility for better collection and storage to bypass the nighttime issue.

This being the biggest issue, there will be additional kinks and problems in the solar power collecting technology.


What Other Flaws are There?

As the understanding of solar power advances, there is going to be a solution to the expensive components that come with solar installations. But unfortunately, it can be difficult to get solar paneling for lower budgets.

Not to mention the lack of power collection when the sun is blocked or on the other side of the planet, but bad weather can have costly consequences if not prepared properly.

In addition to these basic system flaws, removing the solar panel and placing it in a new location can be quite expensive.


How Many Americans Use Solar Power?

The United States energy grid has slowly but surely made its way toward a more renewable and sustainable network. The increase can be seen in homes that rely on solar for energy. Currently, around four million American homes use the sun as their main power source.

Rough estimates say that it would take around eighteen and a half billion solar panels to produce enough energy to power the US grid.

Nevertheless, the Solar energy industry grew more jobs than any other in 2021, which indicates that US citizens are transitioning to this new energy source.


Is the Solar Energy System Improving?

Evidence shows the world is advancing in solar technology, with both the ability to capture and store energy. Around four percent of the world’s energy came from solar power in 2021, which was an overall increase of one-point-one percent from 2020.

The current solar energy storage capacity would be around eight hundred to one thousand gigawatts. The abilities of human technology will only improve as time goes on, which will hopefully result in better storage and collecting technology.

There is evidence that suggests the sun can send anywhere up to one hundred seventy-five thousand terawatts at any given moment.


Is Solar Energy Reliable?

There are newer technologies that will become better at obtaining and storing the energy from the sun, which, as we had before mentioned, provides anywhere up to one hundred and seventy-five thousand terawatts at any given time.

As far as reliability, the latest scientific expiration date for the sun would be around a few billion years away, which is enough time for Humanity to learn how to harness the power of the star of our solar system.

Then you have to consider the panels, the production of the collection systems, and the technological efficiency with which solar components will store that energy for the power grid.


Final Thoughts on Why isn’t Solar Power Used More

Humanity is one cusp of an energy and technological revolution that will change the way we live our lives forever.

Our planet will become something unimaginable to our historical ancestors, and technology will provide freely produced power from the sun to the people of Earth.

There just needs to be enough incentive for people of all cultures and heritage to come together on certain aspects that will inevitably allow creativity and mutual prosperity to the human race.

So let them be more of us on the mountaintop, sitting together at the table of a potential utopia.

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