Why Is Your House’s Voltage So High?

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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There are going to be noticeable changes to the energy bill now that everyday technology has begun to evolve. In order to conduct business, some professionals will need more than just one smart device but multiple different phones and tablets.

This means that there will be additional charges that will show up monthly because more devices are being plugged in.

This, laundry units, and other charging stations, such as the one in your garage for that electric vehicle, will be the reason for the higher voltage usage at home.

A house with solar panels on its rooftop - Why Is Your House’s Voltage So High?

What is a Normal House Voltage?

There are going to be different standard rates of electricity and voltage usage within an average United States Citizens home.

To begin, the general wall outlet uses one hundred and ten volts, while the larger units will use upwards of two hundred and forty volts to function.

As technology evolves and changes to daily life evolve over time, so will the voltage need of the US home.

For instance, the rise in electric vehicle usage in the United States has companies scrambling to develop sustainable charging options for the garage. Not to mention the smart home technology that is becoming popular around the world.


Can you Stop It?

There really is no way to stop the evolution of technology, for as humanity moves forward, there are signs that our survival depends on our ability to heal our planet with that technology.

However, if a home would like to maintain simplicity, there are options to keep it low-tech or self-sustaining.

If homeowners can curb their energy usage, there will also be ways and means to keep energy usage low, and voltage needs are the same. But, of course, not every home will move towards smart technology but vow for simpler mountain cabin designs.


What Can Cause Higher Voltage Needs in the Home?

As mentioned in the article above, there are going to be newer technologies that will require a higher level of voltage and energy usage.

These newer technologies will include smart home appliances, high-performance television sets, and possible e-vehicle charging stations.

Along with the charging stations, more homes will employ solar panel options and other renewable electricity options.

These alternative energy systems will need higher voltages to store and utilize the power collected, then possibly help feed the world’s power grid. The world is evolving, and technology is going to be a vital part of that changing future.


Is this Common?

There are more and more homeowners becoming energy efficient by utilizing solar power technology to supplement and even replace together dependency on company-provided power.

However, it is not commonplace just yet; technology has time to improve before skeptics will be satisfied with today’s scientific advancement or solar collecting products.

One piece of higher voltage technology becoming common in the home is smart appliances, including dryers and washers needing extra power for ecologically friendly water usage technology.

Another instance of higher voltage needing technology is the e-vehicle and battery charging stations, which come with solar power systems.


What Should You Do Once It Happens?

One of two options can be taken when higher voltage usage becomes an issue; A homeowner can utilize additional power collecting options to supplement the already high electricity usage.

There will also be the option of cutting down on newer technologies and simplifying a home for a low-power, self-sustaining system.

Most self-sustainable home systems will be in rural areas, away from inner cities at this point, but as solar collecting technology improves, there are possibilities of sky-rise power stations with solar panel collecting technologies incorporated.

Then, either you find ways to make additional power to maintain the voltage or cut back on usage to work within the power limits of the home.


Final Thoughts on Why is Your House’s Voltage High

There are going to be fewer voltage-need homes that function on simple technologies, and then you will find the newer model modern homes will have smart technologies that will push the boundaries of human ingenuity.

These include high-performance solar collecting technology, e-vehicles, and other futuristic smart technology appliances.

Not quite the Jetsons, cannot fold our cars into a briefcase just yet. But, though there are now e-semis on the highways, Pepsi and Tesla are going forward with newer alternative-fueled vehicles.

If you are truly concerned about your voltage, consult an electrician and solar panel specialist with any questions or concerns.

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