Why Is My Electricity Bill So High With Solar?

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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There are going to be certain times when certain systems will not be set up correctly, which in turn will not collect as much energy as was estimated.

This will cause a situation where the homeowner uses more electricity than their system produces, which will show up in the utility bill.

The best thing to do is immediately get your panels inspected and possibly corrected to collect the most power possible. Otherwise, the rise in cost for the electricity bill is because the home has drawn power from the grid.

A building with solar panes on its roof and side - Why Is My Electricity Bill So High With Solar?

When Does it Happen?

This happens rarely, but as explained above, the causes can be many different types of reasons.

For example, let’s say the systems are hooked up properly and have been working perfectly – the only problem is that the weather has decided to set a record for cloudy days in a row.

No matter what the homeowner does, these types of weather patterns will, in effect, cause a shortage that will require the usage of grid-stored power. As it goes from there, the homeowner will be forced to pay a higher electric bill because of the weather conditions.


Can you Prevent it From Happening?

Preventative measures can be taken to keep enough power stored up for usage in case of lower sunlight days, such as limiting daily usage to maintain adequate energy levels.

There are also supplemental energy-producing ideas, such as using a stationary bike to create a charge.

Other things to keep in mind would be to inspect and maintain the systems as a whole; check the wiring and panels regularly, but also the batteries and transfer station equipment.

Finally, have an expert come out and go over the system with you, allow them to teach you about your equipment, or even have a discussion with them if you are learned.


Is this Common?

This occurs when someone is either careless or unlucky, both of which are easily avoidable. In order to prevent the system from going into a state of decay, regular inspections and a little TLC will keep everything lasting longer and performing adequately at the same time.

The last piece of advice would be to find alternative ways to power your batteries in case of bad weather and cloudy skies. This is not common for areas that get lots of sunlight, but for those that have variable levels of sunshine during the year, it can become rather tricky.


What Should You Do Once it Happens?

If this happens, get your system evaluated immediately and find out if the shortage of charge is because of faulty systems or panels.

Otherwise, if it is because of weather conditions, as mentioned earlier, be sure to look into additional ways to produce energy, such as stationary bikes.

You might have to limit power consumption or purchase additional solar panels to make up for the increase in electricity usage within the home. In this case, call a solar expert to examine the system and assess the options available to the homeowner.


Should You Stop Using Solar if this Keeps Happening?

There will be a temptation to quit, but the solution lies in other forms of action, such as getting an energy assessment done on the house and property, if applicable.

There could be other sources of energy-producing potential, such as wind or hydro, or they can help assess ideas like installing a stationary bike for energy-producing purposes.

Another option is to find partners with which to share energy, maybe a neighbor has more energy-producing potential, and you can split costs to help maintain a solar panel array, possibly expanding in the future.


Final Thoughts on Why is Your Electricity Bill so High with Solar

The future of technology lies in the hands of the land and homeowners, especially when it comes to energy production through alternative means.

As a collective, each home can become an energy-producing passive income potential, and as a group, we can reduce the dependence on burning fuels. There is potential for revolutionizing the home and its value of it.

Imagine riding your stationary bike for an hour and producing enough energy to power your phone charger for the night while the solar panels take care of the rest. Or passively making enough income to pay for any bills outside of electricity.

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