Which Energy Source Does Not Come From The Sun?

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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All energy sources except for solar power do not come from the sun itself. This includes both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

However, the sun is needed in almost all renewable energy sources. This is because they would not be possible without the sun’s power.

Although this is true, renewable energy sources are currently not in very high usage, with nonrenewables still making up the majority of energy production. Keep reading to find out more about the resources and where they come from.

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How Many Energy Sources are there?

Ten main types of energy sources and dozens of others are not very common to see. This list includes five renewable resources and five nonrenewable.

Renewable resources can be used forever because they replenish naturally. This list includes the five most common and popular renewable resources. These include solar energy at the top, followed by geothermal, wind, biomass, and hydropower.

Each of these renewable energies occurs naturally on Earth and is being harnessed for energy. However, nonrenewable energy sources are far more popular currently.

Nonrenewable sources are in limited supply, and we often have to search the planet thoroughly to even find them, making them more harmful to the planet. These include petroleum, followed by hydrocarbon gas and liquids, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy.


Is Solar Energy the Most Popular Source?

No, solar energy is not even close to being the most popular source of energy. Renewable energy is actually not common to see in general. Moreover, it is in limited use; all renewable energy sources, including solar, only make up about 12 percent of global energy usage.

Currently, the most popular sources of energy are nonrenewable resources. Natural gas is number one at 32 percent, followed by petroleum at 28 and coal at 18. However, solar is the most popular renewable resource.

In fact, solar energy usage, as we move towards more renewable sources of energy, has increased dramatically in the last several years. Many places aim to use solar energy mainly within the next couple of decades.


Is Geothermal Energy Derived from the Sun?

No, Geothermal energy is not derived from the sun. Instead, geothermal energy refers to the gathering of heat produced by the Earth’s core. The Earth’s core generates massive amounts of heat, which can, in turn, be used to produce high amounts of energy.

Geothermal energy can be used directly in heating various areas, or steam can be used to generate electricity. However, geothermal energy is not a very popular source of energy, even in terms of renewable resources.

Geothermal energy is difficult to get to because it involves getting close enough to use it. Some places can access it more easily, but many would have to spend large amounts of money to drill to even try to get access.


Are Fossil Fuels Coming from the Sun?

No, fossil fuels do not come from the sun. Instead, fossil fuels are made from dead plants and animals found deep within the Earth. This is where it gains the name of fossil fuels. They burn these dead plants and animals to create energy.

This is a nonrenewable resource because it does not replenish fast naturally enough and involves a lot of harm to different parts of the Earth to access.

There are several different types of fossil fuels. The most common ones are natural gas, coal, and oil. Fossil fuels are the main source of energy across the entire planet.


Which Energy Sources Depend on the Sun?

Several different renewable resources depend upon the sun to function, such as solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass. The most obvious energy source that relies on the sun is solar, which draws energy directly from it.

The wind is created as the sun heats up the Earth. Hydropower uses the natural flow of water to create energy. Hydropower needs the sun because as the sun heats the Earth, water evaporates and reforms as clouds to replenish this resource.

Biomass is the use of plants to create energy, which can only be grown with the sun. All of these resources are made possible and depend on the sun to be produced and used.


Final Thoughts on Which Energy Source Does Not Come From The Sun

Most renewable resources rely on the sun to occur at all. Each is fueled by the sun in its own way. While renewable resources are now easy to harness between new technology and their abundance, they are still not used very often.

Nonrenewable resources are the most popular but are beginning to run dry. As a result, companies that supply energy are slowly finding it more difficult to find and access these resources, destroying our planet in the process.

The change toward renewable resources will come, but the sooner, the better. It is not difficult anymore, and the time has come to save the planet and shift away from these harmful energy sources.

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