Voltex Device Review

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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Electricity bills are some of the highest bills you pay time and again, so people are always on the lookout for new ways to cut corners and save money, usually without compromising on their energy usage.

The Voltex Energy Controller, sometimes also known as the Voltex Energy Saver, is an advertised device that claims it can cut your electricity bill by 90 percent and, therefore, save you a lot of money.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the device can actually increase your bills. Keep reading to learn more about this electrical device, what it does, and more.

Is the Voltex Device any Good?

No, the Voltex Device is not good for any reason. People who end up being duped by Voltex’s clever marketing schemes quickly realize that the device does not follow through on any of its claims and feel a deep sense of regret for wasting their money on such a product.

Possibly the best part about the Voltex Device is that it always appears to be at least 50 percent off (but in reality, that’s just its normal price).

You could even bring the price lower by purchasing multiple units at the same time, but there is no point since the product is worthless.


Where Can You Buy it?

If you are desperate to buy a product widely reviewed and known for being a scam, then the process couldn’t be simpler.

You can easily type in something like “Voltex device” into the Internet search engine of your choice, and the official Voltex page should pop up within the top few results.

After clicking on the appropriate link, you are sent straight to a checkout page where you can decide how many units of the Voltex Energy Saver you wish to purchase.

Simply choose the package with however many units you desire, enter your credit or debit card information, and you are well on your way to receiving your bogus product.


What Should You Know About it?

You should know that the Voltex Energy Controller is a complete scam, plain and simple. There is no empirical evidence that supports any of Voltex’s claims.

While there are numerous 5-star reviews on their website, all of them are either fake or come from people who do not fully understand the product they have bought and would probably give everything five stars if they could.

You could also use the fact that the product cannot be found on common marketplace websites like Amazon as more evidence of Voltex’s scam.


What Are Its Features?

The Voltex Device is practically featureless since it doesn’t do anything except increase your electric bill by powering on some lights. However, below is a list of what the device claims to do:

  • The device should stabilize your home’s voltage
  • The device should protect all of your other appliances and plugged-in devices from power surges
  • The device should clean any dirty power from wireless devices


Most of these claims would be useful if they were true. Not only that but none of the above features would truly contribute toward lowering your electricity bill by 90 percent.

In a separate claim, the company says it would reduce costs by fixing your power factor, which is something that isn’t done at a domestic level.


What are its Flaws of it?

The main flaw of the Voltex Device is that it simply doesn’t work, nor does it perform any of the things the company claims it can do. Aside from that, there are three other flaws regarding the Voltex Device:

  • The price tag is especially steep for something that doesn’t work, and you can’t even scrap for parts
  • The device presents a potential safety concern because it has no reason to be plugged into a power source – it could malfunction and cause fires or other hazards with no benefits
  • The company is particularly difficult to work with if you fell victim to their product – although there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, they still charge shipping fees and can be slow to communicate with


Final Thoughts on Voltex Device

Unfortunately, like many things in life, there are no shortcuts when it comes to saving money on electricity bills. The Voltex Energy Controller presents itself as a simple solution that you can plug in and start saving, but anything that sounds too good to be true is often just that.

Instead of looking into shortcuts to lower your energy bill, it is generally recommended that you look into other proven methods like cutting back on your power consumption or investing in alternative power sources like solar packages.

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