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Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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Electricity bills are often some of the most expensive of any bill, but they are necessary to keep more than just the lights on in our houses. It makes sense then that many people look for easy ways to save on their electric bills.

The truth is that no commercially available products will correct or save energy at the domestic level. Anything you plug in will use at least a minute amount of energy, even if it doesn’t do anything.

Keep reading to learn more about Trust Volt’s Energy Saver device and some common questions surrounding the product.

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Is it Any Good?

Sadly, the Trust Volt Energy Saver device is not any good. Like many other “energy-saving” device scams, the product is basically a capacitor and some LED lights housed in a shell of cheap plastic.

As amazing as it would be to have a device that you simply plug into any wall socket and start saving up to 90 percent on your energy bill but this device does not follow through on any of its claims. While it may light up and appear to be working, that’s all it does.

You can even tell that the product is no good because it is no longer offered, and the company itself has disappeared, even from online searches.


Is it Affordable?

Trust Volt’s (sometimes seen as TrustVolt) product was not particularly affordable and was listed for retail at $50 per unit.

This may not seem like a lot, especially when you consider how much you might save on an electricity bill in a year, but it conveniently leaves out some details.

Ineffective devices like these claim they only work in a certain area within the small print. Typically around 100 square feet, those who fall for scams like these don’t read the details before complaining about how the product doesn’t work.

The representatives then enlighten angry customers saying they just need to buy more for them to work since many people live in spaces over 100 square feet in size.


How Much Can an Average Household Save with It?

The typical claims from companies like TrustVolt are that you can save anywhere between 40 to 90 percent on your energy bill by simply using their product.

They like to emphasize the 90 percent by saying something along the lines of “up to 90 percent” in big, bold letters as a marketing scheme. However, they aren’t technically lying and falsely advertising because they said: “up to.”

However, you won’t save money by buying their product, and your energy bill can increase by leaving it plugged in. This is true of all domestic “energy saving” devices, no matter what company tries to push them.


When is the Best Time to Buy it?

If you were desperate to get your hands on one of these misleading products, they are, unfortunately, unavailable on the market.

So unless you are buying the product secondhand from online vendors like those on eBay, there is no way to get your hands on this item anymore.

What this means is that it is never a good time to buy the Trust Volt Energy Saver device. This is because you can save your money by simply not purchasing a useless item. Instead, saving or investing the $50 you would have spent on this product is a much wiser choice.


Why Should You Get it?

Although you can’t easily get your hands on Trust Volt’s Energy Saver device anymore, there are a few reasons you might still want to try listed below:

  • You have a desire to take things apart
  • You want to prove friends or family wrong when they fall prey to scams like these
  • You need really cheap quality materials for some other project you have in mind


These reasons are pretty niche, however, and you shouldn’t attempt to purchase this item or any other company’s “energy saving” device because it won’t save you money and it won’t follow through on its claims.


Final Thoughts on Trust Volt Energy Saver Reviews

Millions of people are tricked into buying useless products and services each year, and this product was just one attempt to do so until somewhat recently.

The relatively cheap price tag and promises of big savings are tempting, but it is much like selling snake oil to people looking for a cure to incurable diseases.

The only guaranteed ways to reduce your energy bill and consumption are to turn off and unplug as many appliances as possible, use more energy-efficient appliances and shop around for a utility company that services your house at a cheaper rate.

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