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Last Updated on July 12th, 2023

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade an RV’s existing solar system or design a new off-grid electronic system, a solar inverter is an essential component.

Inverters take the direct current power generated by the photovoltaic cells of solar panels and convert it to the alternating current that most devices use.

SunGoldPower is just one of many companies bringing solar energy to the public for a cleaner future based on sustainable power.

Keep reading to learn more about the inverter products SunGoldPower offers and whether they are the right fit for you and your solar power needs.

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What Do Reviews Say About Sungold Inverters?

In general, reviews for the SunGold inverters are positive. There are many models to fit consumers’ needs, but the most popular and commonly bought products tend to be the inverter-charger hybrids.

Aside from the reviews on SunGoldPower’s website, the inverter-chargers and other products on Amazon have accumulated about 1,000 relevant reviews and ratings that average out to 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Many reviews discuss how the units are well built and top quality while being relatively inexpensive. If reviews don’t talk about these points, they usually praise or complain about the customer service and technical support.


Is Sungold Inverter Worth Buying According to Reviews?

Yes, SunGoldPower inverter-chargers seem to be well worth the expense for do-it-yourself solar projects for both off-grid and mobile living situations.

The combination of high-quality parts, affordability, and easy installation procedure make SunGoldPower inverters a top choice for many who tinker with electronics at home.

The inverter-chargers come with some quality of life features like a low idle current, remote control, and even an automatic generator starter in case battery voltage becomes too low.

If you don’t have batteries in your system, you can prioritize AC power instead of losing power trying to charge batteries that aren’t connected.


Do Reviews Say That Sungold Inverter is Too Expensive?

The opposite is actually true for the SunGoldPower inverters and inverter-chargers. Many people are surprised by how affordable the units are and are delighted to receive a quality product for their solar DIY needs.

The SunGoldPower products are not the cheapest on the market, but if you try to cut corners and save pennies with highly technical items like these, you will often suffer the consequences of cheap manufacturing.

If your inverter lasts a couple of years, it should easily pay itself and provide a decent return on investment costs.


How Long Can Sungold Inverter Last According to the Reviews?

SunGoldPower inverters, like the rest of the competition, can expect to last up to 10 years if they are used in an off-grid power system with constant use.

Grid-tied inverters can have an extended lifetime, often doubling from 10 years to a total of 20 possible years.

Because the transformers housed within the inverters are marine, military, and industrial grade quality, you should expect a SunGoldPower inverter to last at least ten years.

Even so, it’s important not to overload the inverter if possible for the longest lifespan possible. This means only running essentials as much as possible and avoiding surge-causing appliances such as power tools and air conditioning units.


What Are the Flaws of Sungold Inverter According to the Reviews?

Reviews of the SunGoldPower inverter-chargers tend to identify two main problems when it comes to the products themselves:

  • The size of the inverter-charger
  • The lifetime of the inverter-charger


Unfortunately, when you get a single product that promises to deliver on many aspects, you tend to get a very large, bulky item.

This is exactly what has happened with the SunGoldPower inverters and inverter-chargers. As a result, if you plan to use one of these products, you may need to carefully consider how the system is arranged to ensure you have enough space for installation.

The other issue that several people have had is that their unit works beautifully for months at a time before suddenly dying with only a loud beep to address the problem.

If the ambient temperature around the units gets too warm, it will shut itself in self-preservation which is extremely inconvenient depending on where you live.


Final Thoughts on Sungold Inverter Reviews

SunGoldPower inverters and inverter-chargers are a great option for an off-grid or mobile power solution. They are not the cheapest products on the solar market but aren’t the cheapest.

The bulky unit you receive is packed with quality parts that should last you at least ten years when treated right. If not, you may experience some trouble getting a hold of the technical support team at SunGoldPower, as others have in the past.


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