Is Solar Better Than Electric?

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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Solar does seem to be better than electric. However, each has its benefits and downfalls. Solar power is known for its clean energy that helps support our environment while making things cheaper for whoever has access to it. 

However, high purchasing costs and the time it takes to pay off solar panels are often not discussed. What is also often not discussed are the other downfalls of solar or the benefits of having electric power instead. Keep reading to find out if solar really is better than electric. 

Solar panels behind a metal fence - Is Solar Better Than Electric?

Which One has a Better Quality?

In general, the quality of solar and electric energy is the same. However, this is dependent on the equipment you have for either. While their quality is generally the same, worse equipment leads to worse quality. 

This is especially prevalent in solar power. Due to solar panels and power storage costs, people often try to skimp on the cost and get the cheapest available. The cost, however, reflects the quality. 

Oftentimes with solar panels, the better the quality of the equipment, the better the quality of the energy. So, when both electric and solar are at the height of their abilities, they are equal in quality. It all depends on the equipment. 


Which One is More Reliable?

Solar power is more reliable than electric power. Solar power, even with a very basic setup, is seen to be more reliable. This is because solar power does not rely on fossil fuels, which are slowly dwindling. 

You will always have access to the sun and thus solar power, unlike electric power. The other factor in its reliability is the grid. If you buy power storage for your solar panels, you can have power even when the power grid goes down. 

Power storage for your solar panels also means you do not have to worry about running out of power on cloudy days or at night. Instead, all the excess from the day can be stored away until needed.


Pros and Cons: Solar vs. Electric?

There are several pros and cons to solar versus electric power. 

The pros and cons of solar power are:


  • Good investment – it saves you money in the long run on your bills as well as increases your home value. Solar panels also tend to have a long and reliable lifespan. 
  • Good for the environment – it does not use fossil fuels or give off carbon emissions.



  • The high initial cost of installation and purchase
  • Not all homes are compatible with solar energy


The pros and cons of electric power are:


  • Efficient and cheap in the short term
  • Easily accessible to everyone – no installation needed



  • More expensive in the long run
  • Bad for the environment 
  • More upkeep needed to maintain the grid


Price Range: Solar vs. Electric

The price range for solar versus electric varies vastly depending on your location, the type of equipment you have, as well as your power usage. 

Electric power, on average, costs anywhere between 100 and 200 dollars a month. This comes out to about 1,200 to 2,400 dollars a year. 

Solar power, however, you pay for in its entirety upfront. This payment and installation costs on average about 20,000 dollars. Most people pay this cost upfront to avoid interest. 

While solar does sound more expensive, with the average cost of electricity, the solar power system would pay itself off in about ten years. This makes the cost of solar worth it to many people. But, of course, it depends on what you can afford at the moment. 


Final Verdict 

The final verdict is that solar is generally better than electric power. However, it depends on what your needs are. While solar is more environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run, that is not an option for many people.

Not everyone’s house can have solar panels. Some people have low enough monthly electric bills that solar is not worth it. Some people do not plan on staying in the same house for long enough for solar to be worth it. 

On top of all of that, the upfront cost of solar power can deter many people and be inaccessible. So yes, while solar is better than electric in most ways, it depends on individual needs. 

Through all these different factors, it has been determined that solar power is better than electric power. However, nothing is ever really that simple. The difference between solar and electric is dependent entirely on budget and circumstances. 

With the correct budget and circumstances, solar power is the best option. You must have a very high budget and have a house that can work with solar panels that you intend to live in for a long time. 

Without these exact circumstances, solar may not be right for you. Look at other options, such as electric power, that better suit your needs if that is the case.

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