How Far Away Can Solar Panels Be From House?

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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Solar panels can be, technically, any distance away from your home as long as you have the appropriate setup. This includes the cords, the placement, and the direction they are facing. Each solar panel is slightly different.

However, the closer your solar panel is, the better. You will spend less on cords and experience fewer voltage drops which will, in turn, lead to more efficiency. Keep reading to find out more about what distance might be best for your solar panels.

Solar panels on a field - How Far Away Can Solar Panels Be From House?

Is it the Same for Every House?

Yes, the distance you can put solar panels away from your house is about the same for every house. It depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of your property and how much cable you have.

In general, you can technically place solar panels any distance from your home if you have enough cable, and this is true for every house. However, it is not ideal as the cable is expensive.

After only a few hundred feet, it would usually be cheaper to just have a different set of solar panels to place closer to the spot you are powering. But, again, this is due to energy drops, cable costs, and installation costs.


How Can You Tell If It’s Too Far?

You can tell your solar panel is too far when you either run out of cable or are experiencing significant voltage drops. But, again, you can place solar panels as far away as you like if you can afford the cabling.

However, the max voltage drop you should shoot for is four percent if you do not want to lose money. In general, this is about 900 feet away or more, depending on the capabilities of your cables.

The optimal distance would be within 300 feet, so you only experience about a two percent voltage drop or less. The key is to not go past that four percent voltage drop.


How to Avoid Putting it Too Far Away?

To avoid putting your solar panels too far away, place them as close as possible to your house or any other place you are powering. This is always the safest bet as it will help prevent voltage drops.

The closer to the house, the less likely they are to occur. Having solar panels close to your house also reduces costs spent on cords. Cords get very expensive very quickly as the cords have to be different thicknesses and lengths for your use.

Placing your solar panels on your roof is the most common option for a reason. First, it is as close as possible to the place you are powering, so you do not have to worry about any of those other issues.


Is it the Same Distance for All Solar Panels?

Yes, the distance you can place solar panels from your home is roughly the same for all solar panels. You can place them as far as you want as long as they still absorb the sunlight properly, and you have the cord length needed.

However, voltage drops will likely be experienced differently depending on the capabilities of your specific solar panels.

Therefore, it is best to optimize according to each solar panel. Different cords are also useful for different needs, so be sure to check the specifics of your solar panels.


Does it Say Specifically on the Panel How Far Away You Can Put it?

Yes, each type of solar panel will specifically have instructions on the best setup for it, including how far away you can put it. However, it is generally the same in terms of distance for all solar panels. The key difference is efficiency and voltage drop.

Each solar panel type has different levels of efficiency and setup needs. This will lead to differences in voltage drop and cord needs for each type.

Be sure to check what you need specifically for it. Still follow the same voltage drop guidelines to ensure it is not too far away from your home. The safest bet is still as close to your home as possible, preferably the roof for most solar panel types.


Final Thoughts on How Far Away Can Solar Panels Be From House

Solar panels are generally very similar when it comes to where to place them. They all need direct sunlight and should be placed where they absorb the most sun. In addition, they all should be placed as close to the house as possible to experience fewer voltage drops.

While it may be tempting to place them far from your house for a variety of reasons, you are better off putting them close for costs and electricity efficiency. If you are going to place them far away, research your specific panel to make sure you do not mess up your investment.

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