GAF Solar Panel Reviews – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on July 12th, 2023

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Solar panels are large, bulky, and often an eyesore. Recently, Tesla released solar roof tiles meant to be a better, alternate option to power your home with the rays from the sun. But, unfortunately, they are also very expensive and need a team of specialists. 

Thankfully, there is a new competitor on the market. GAF solar shingles provide many of the same benefits as the Tesla tiles and solar panels, but at a cheap cost and can be done during a basic roof repair. 

Though they aren’t perfect, they may work better for some homeowners than traditional methods. 

Keep reading to learn more about GAF solar shingles, including all of their advantages and disadvantages.

A house with roof-integrated solar panels - GAF Solar Panel Reviews

Are GAF Solar Panels Good?

GAF solar shingles are good and well worth the purchase if they fit what you are looking for more than solar panels. 

They provide some advantages and disadvantages over solar panels. GAF solar shingles provide the solar you need in a new system that may better suit some homeowners than solar panels. 

However, whether they work better for you than traditional solar panels is up to you and based on your needs. 

For example, do you need a lot of power and don’t mind having bulky solar panels that you have to move during a roof replacement, or do you want something that works with your roof and can be repaired at the same time, though it delivers a little less power?


What Are the Advantages of GAF Solar Panels?

GAF is a well-known company. Though they haven’t dabbled in solar much, they are known for their roofing and have good reviews. 

The advantage of solar shingles is the same as solar panels in most areas. They provide a lower carbon footprint, a way to do your part to be sustainable, and you can even get tax incentives.

Where they excel over solar panels is that they are far more discreet on your roof. While solar panels can be unsightly and lower your house prices based on the curbside appeal, GAF solar panels are discreet and are much less of an eyesore. 

However, the biggest advantage is that GAF can handle solar and roof replacements at once. This means that you don’t have to hire two completely different companies at once. 

Instead, you can get everything done at once and by the same person. No more issues with a roof being ruined by solar panels or issues with a roof repair when you have solar panels. 

Instead, the two systems work with the other in mind, so you have a roof that works for you and is good quality, as well as solar shingles that provide your home with the energy it needs. 


What Are the Flaws of GAF Solar Panels?

One of the major flaws that people see with GAF solar shingles is that since they are shingles that go on the roof of your home and not just panels, you have to do a complete roof replacement. 

While they are thought to be still cheaper than solar panels, getting a brand new roof can be frustrating if you just replace one. 

They are also a relatively new product, so a lot isn’t known about their longevity and stability yet. While they do offer a 25-year warranty, it can still be scary to trust a new company with something that is supposed to last a long time. 

Also, these GAF shingles produce less solar than the traditional panel. For example, seventeen 370 Watt panels will produce the same power as 134 of these shingles. This doesn’t matter if they are the same kWs or not.

This leads to another flaw of GAF solar shingles. Since they are just part of your roof, solar shingles can’t be adjusted to get optimal light as solar panels can. 

So if your roof slopes north, you may lose a lot of the solar energy you could be getting throughout the day. 


Are GAF Solar Panels Popular on the Market?

This is hard to say. It is still a relatively new product, only coming out in January 2022. The hype for these new solar shingles is there, though. 

While we have yet to see how people think about them in practice instead of just in theory, we have a lot of hope that they will provide great options besides the standard solar panels. 

It also provides a cost-effective option for pricey solar panels that can be part of a roof repair. Since they are designed to work with your roof, instead of what often seems against it, you will save more money in the long run. 


What To Avoid When Buying GAF Solar Panels?

There isn’t much to avoid when buying GAF solar panels. As long as GAF-certified roofers install them, you are safe and ready to go. 

However, there are some things to consider when buying them. First, realize that these solar shingles do produce less power than solar panels. This means that you will generally need more solar shingles than you think. 

Even if they say they are a certain output, they are not optimally oriented, and you will often not get full power unless your home is at the right angle and facing the right direction. 

Also, these are worth thinking about in advance. Since you will have to completely replace your roof to install the solar shingles, it is best to do it when your roof is already due for a replacement. Otherwise, you may be spending more. 


Final Thoughts on GAF Solar Panel Reviews 

GAF solar shingles might not work for everyone. They can be a little costly if you want them before your roof is due for a repair, and they don’t provide full power as solar panels would. Also, if you need a lot of power, you are expected to use a lot of shingles. 

However, if you want something easy that works with your roof instead of in contrast to it, and has solar power for your home that allows you to be more sustainable and save money, then it may be worth checking out the GAF solar shingles. 


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