Enphase LQ7 60 2 US Review – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on July 12th, 2023

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Solar products are becoming increasingly available to the general public for those looking to install their own systems and take advantage of the tax credits supplied by the federal government.

Whether you want to invest in solar to become energy-independent in a remote location or simply want to make a little extra money selling energy back to the national grid, a solar microinverter can help you achieve your goals.

Keep reading to learn more about one of Enphase’s newest products from their line of microinverters and see if they are worthy of praise.

Man setting up a solar panel - Enphase LQ7 60 2 US Review

Are Enphase IQ7-60-2-US Doing Good in Reviews?

The IQ7-60-US microinverter by Enphase is doing pretty well in reviews by specialists and customers. However, the product has only been on the market for just under two years (at the time of writing). 

Because it is still a relative niche area of home improvement and domestic electric systems, not many people have gotten their hands on the product and decided to write a review.

On Amazon, the product earns an average rating of 4.3 stars out of a total of 5 stars with only eight ratings. That’s not a statistically significant sample size of users; anything overly positive (or negative) can drastically affect the average rating.


What Are the Positive Elements of Enphase IQ7-60-2-US in Reviews?

The more technical reviews of the Enphase IQ-60-2-US microinverter dive into five or so of the core proponents for purchasing this particular product when installing a solar system at home.


No String Sizing

Microinverters circumvent some issues that standard inverters (also known as string inverters) commonly encounter. 

The biggest of these issues is that you no longer have to worry about how many solar panels you group together and run through a single inverter to function correctly.

A single microinverter and solar panel will work just as well when additional panels are added to the system. 

Peak efficiency is also maintained between individual panels if some are in the shade and some aren’t – in a string-based system. All panels generate power at the rate of the lowest energy-producing member.


Ease Of Use

These microinverters are especially easy to install into new and existing systems with clearly labeled inputs and outputs.

Better yet, troubleshooting the IQ7-60-2-US and your whole system, in general, is as simple as looking at a single indicator light. 

For example, green means go, yellow is working but not communicating with your monitoring system, while red means nothing is working and no power is being generated.


Compatibility Standards

The IQ7-60-2-US is compatible with both of the standard solar panel cell types: 60 or 72 cells. 

The only tangible difference between the two is that 72 cell panels are larger in size, so you can install fewer panels on your roof and fewer microinverters to handle the power as a result. Aside from that, having more options is always nicer.


Long Warranty

With a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, if you encounter any kind of malfunction from the microinverter, a free replacement has you covered. This is twice the length of warranties on well-known inverter brands.


Safety And Smart Compliance

Rapid shutdown codes help first responders turn off potentially hazardous electric circuits from solar systems when they arrive on the scene of an emergency. 

This lets them do their job quickly and safely for everyone involved, so it’s especially important that your microinverter is compliant with these standards.

When connecting to the national grid, the IQ7-60-2-US microinverter reacts smartly to energy demand and helps to smooth the curve during the uptick in usage during peak hours by feeding electricity back to the grid in a controlled manner to prevent surges.


What Are the Flaws of Enphase IQ7-60-2-US in Reviews?

Three main flaws have been identified with the IQ7-60-2-US, according to reviews.



The one that everyone likes to know when purchasing any product is also one of the main downsides to the IQ7-60-2-US microinverter. 

People have noted how pricey a single unit is at $145 directly from Enphase or $159.99 through Amazon, especially if you need multiple microinverters for your system.


Lack Of Monitoring

Other inverter products on the market come with system monitoring included. 

How you monitor and troubleshoot those systems might not be as easy as an entirely Enphase system may be, but the fact remains that you have to purchase a separate monitoring system when using the IQ7-60-2-US.


Higher Chance Of Failure

The more complicated a system is (or, in this case, the more parts you have in a system), the more likely it is that one or more steps within that system will fail.

The tradeoff with having more microinverters and more parts in your solar system is that you isolate the failures – if a single microinverter and solar panel pair go down, it doesn’t affect the rest of your pairings. 

In a string inverter system, a single inverter will take down a whole group of solar panels with it when it fails.


Is Enphase IQ7-60-2-US the Best Micro Inverter on the Market According to Reviews?

According to reviews, the Enphase IQ7-60-2-US is certainly a contender for the best microinverter on the market, but only in specific situations.

If you want to start with a small system with the ability to expand down the road, want a straightforward installation, or need something that will work well with frequent shade, the IQ7-60-2-US might be just the thing you are looking for.


Why is Enphase IQ7-60-2-US Doing so Good in Reviews?

The main reason people like the IQ7-60-2-US is that it is very easy to install, even for amateurs and homeowners who don’t understand wiring and other principles that electricians usually handle.


Final Thoughts on Enphase IQ7-60-2-US Review

Enphase’s IQ 7-60-2-US is another microinverter solution for homeowners looking to start or expand a solar system and can be one of the best options when you want to start small.

Enphase has carved out a niche that people should take advantage of by solving some of the most common problems they encounter when installing their systems. Just be aware that it’ll cost you a pretty penny when compared to other products that do the same job.


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