Solar Generator vs. Deep Cycle Battery

Last Updated on July 11th, 2023

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Let us set the stage, and we have a pair of campers charging their cameras and powering a space heater inside the tent. 

The power usage will equate to about one hundred watts over the span of the weekend camping trip, to which we introduce a pair of power-providing options. 

The deep cycle battery, usually lithium cored, will charge up to seventy-two Watts (12v battery) and require the group to bring additional charging gadgets to fill in for the missing twenty-eight watts. 

Solar generators will have between the wattages of one hundred watts to upwards of two thousand plus watts. With the two days being sunny, the generator stayed relatively charged, leaving plenty for emergency situations. 

What are the Differences?

As briefly alluded to above, Solar Generators will have larger power storage abilities than traditional deep-cycle batteries. Not to mention that the standard twelve-volt lithium batteries will only have enough juice to power seventy-two watts worth of electronics. 

In addition to the powering differences, the solar generators will have the advantage of being capable of connecting to a set of solar panels and being charged on site wherever there is a clear sky and open field. In addition, deep-cycle batteries are able to be charged. 

Consider using a generator to charge a vehicle or RV component battery like this. 


What are the Similarities?

The main similarity will have to start with the application of these powering systems. The batteries in the solar generator will carry the charge, just as a twelve-volt deep cycle battery does. Each provides a reliable, consistent current flow until completely drained of charge.

Both of these power storage units will deliver an active current that will be compatible with all electronic devices, each only needing the right adaptors in order to be able to deliver said power to those gadgets and machines. 

When comparing the two power bricks, there will be just as many differences. 


Pros and Cons: Solar Generators vs. Deep Cycle Batteries

The overwhelming pro of having a solar generator is the flexibility in power usage, meaning that you will be able to charge the batteries while using the station simultaneously. 

The con will be the cumbersome nature of the large solar panel arrays, which can be a hindrance when it comes to backpacking applications. 

The con for the Deep Cycle battery will be the limited charge, which is kind of a nitpick, but it does define the parameters for which the power can be used. The pro will be that the batteries are rechargeable and hold their charge for long-term storage requirements. 


Which one is More Common?

The most common of these two is by far the twelve-volt battery, which can be found in automobiles from your daily personal vehicle to all-terrain vehicles to lawnmowers. 

These batteries can be found everywhere and are the most popular batteries on the market, concerning products larger than the AAA and AA store brand items. 

As we progress towards the future, there will be more compact versions of solar generators and innovations to the technology that might push this tech to become more common.


Which One is More Efficient?

The thing about deep cycle batteries is the dependability of the lithium technology, which has been a staple for the majority of personal gasoline vehicles for decades. 

The charges hold for long periods with losing power, plus they deliver consistent current to the equipment needing the electricity until completely depleted. 

Solar panel technology is relatively new and is still undergoing changes, to which innovations pop up every day, and with these improvements will come better collection of efficient hardware and components. 

Therefore, when it comes to today’s technology, the lithium twelve-volt deep cycle battery will be the more efficient option. 


Final Thoughts on Solar Generator vs Deep Cycle Battery

The best part is that you will be able to utilize both of these batteries and charge-providing systems when it comes to outdoor recreation, farming, gardening, or other outdoor projects. 

The solar generators will have the ability to charge the lithium batteries, just as they would any other device batteries, provided the right hookups and adaptors are available. 

Consider using solar panels to keep batteries fresh, using a free and renewable source of energy, especially for preppers and those looking to live a self-sustainable lifestyle. 

Having multiple battery types, including solar storage and the lithium twelve-volt as well, might be just the solution for your daily power and motorized equipment needs.